peugeot GIRAUDO 50cc RACE cylinder kit - 8 port
peugeot GIRAUDO 50cc RACE cylinder kit - 8 port

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peugeot GIRAUDO 50cc 40mm air cooled aluminum cylinder kit. 8 ports of 50cc power! deceiving 3rd side transfer ports that look like auxiliary exhaust ports! nice single ring piston.

comes with cylinder, 40mm piston, 40mm x 1mm GI ring, wrist pin, clips and gasket set with head, base and exhaust

these are vintage era giraudo cylinders that come boxed in airsal packaging. they were recently discovered uncoated. we had them finished and now they are good to go. includes the original single ring mahle piston.

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5 of 5 weird porting but ripssss the dicks May 12, 2015
taco eater : hans bŁgler from hadsten, Denmark  
this is a weirdo kit with 3 transfers....old school french tech. didn't really think the exhaust port could handle the massive amount of transfer but it does.

i have this kit on my wallaroo with a 19 phbg and some gianelli european restricted pipe and im getting 85kmh

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3 of 5 looks good May 13, 2014
taco eater : Ralphael Burgess from Richmond, VA United States  
just got this in the mail, nice looking kit, came chamfered but i went through the extra of cleaning it up. not a fan of that really thin piston ring but well see after i case match and run it. not the correct gasket kit but who cares... cut your own for this price!

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