10 mikuni main jets - pick a range!
10 mikuni main jets - pick a range!

mikuni jet size

**as of now the 160 - 210 range comes with a 167.5 instead of 165 due to stock!**

for use on TM24 flatslide and many many others like all the TM and VM series, yey. of course, vm20, vm18, vm22, etc.

55 - 105, 110 - 155, and 160 - 210

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1 of 5 Should have listened to other review, waste of $30 May 5, 2024
taco eater : Joey P from Austin, TX United States  
As the other person said, these are knock off jets not made by mikuni. The one jet I needed in the pack doesn't want to screw in without feeling like it's going to stretch out the hole or cross-thread. It's brass so I don't want to force it. Same result I got from an amazon purchase of knock off dellorto jets that ruined one of my SHA 15.15's.
I get all my parts from treatland and have been confident that I'm not buying trash. I was wrong this time.
Why not just find a way to offer actual mikuni branded jets? There's an ass for every seat! Who cares how much they cost, someone (me) will buy them!

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3 of 5 workable March 11, 2022
taco eater : Hootie from FL United States  
these arent branded mikuni jets maybe thats why some of them want to cross thread. luckily enough of them were good in varied sizes.

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