puch 65cc airsal cylinder kit - 44mm
puch 65cc airsal cylinder kit - 44mm



puch airsal 65cc 44mm kit, for puch mopeds. yes.

comes with cylinder, piston, rings, wrist pin, clips, exhaust studs + head, base and exhaust gaskets


----please take note this kit does not work with the puch o-ring heads because this kit has a decomp hole that wont get sealed with those heads!---

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5 of 5 Best kit for the money April 17, 2022
taco eater : mihaly pazar from egg harbor township, NJ United States  
Great little kit for the money good low end and great top end 48mph gps easy. I can use the throttle as a throttle again and not have it pinned. Ring gap out the box was perfect, ports were clean enough for mopeds. Stocky Con rad bushing boys, YES you! Use martystoolbox gearing calculator and figure out your max speed and rpm range, for me 48mph puts me right at 9k, which a stock crank should be able to handle all day. Just keep that in mind and set that as you max ( giving you roughly 500rpm reserve, stock crank can handle 11-12k but why push it)  Also running one ring on this kit so i can reduce compression on the bushing, ( some debate on this) running 32:1 for extra security.   also as others have stated just run allen bolts. snapped a few post off in these, most recent was unsalvageable. had to replace the cylinder
my head temps are around 300-325 wot. 25-50 deg less than what i was seeing on the tccd kit

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5 of 5 👍🏻💕 September 5, 2021
taco eater : tom from Lancaster, PA United States  
The fins around the exhaust are tight tight so you’re going to need to do some chopping but it’s a really fun kit.
My setup:
Points, 17x45, 15.15, braced/lightened 2 shoe with stiffy springs & a circuit pipe hits 49.something with really nice takeoff. A boss pipe gets up to 52 but the torque isn’t as fun.

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5 of 5 Solid as fuck. August 9, 2021
taco eater : Muffpeddlers from Lawrence, KS United States  
Paired this kit with stock e-50 case and head, 19 phbg, the simonini racing pipe ( have to butcher some cylinder fins to fit and a custom bracket to secure it to the swing arm) 17x 42 gearing and a 3 shoe clutch with extra stiffy springs on a free spirit and i can rip 53+ all day. Cheapest build ever. Super fun.

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5 of 5 THE best budget kit for puchs hands down. June 1, 2021
taco eater : Goshen Mopeds from Goshen, Indiana United States  
What can I say about this kit that hasn't been said already?
You can run this kit on a stock crank and head with no case matching if you want. Pair it with a 14 bing or a 15 sha. Run a budget pipe and get at least 45 mph easy.
Takes a beating, very forgiving. Its the kit of choice for the shop and I've never seen one blow.
Be prepared to possibly dremel your exhaust flange as its always a tight fit down there.
Toss the studs it comes with in the garbage. Use Allen studs or bolts instead.
Its literal slap on and go with an e50
You may have some nub issues with a za. File accordingly.

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5 of 5 Fantastic beginner kit May 16, 2021
taco eater : Arron from Ann Arbor, MI United States  
all of the reviews below have guided me to this moment....
this kit is fantastic. I had to use sandpaper on my flange to make my exhaust fit but once it's on, it'll seal nice and easy. 15mm bing, #1 needle, 3 clip, 78 jet, proma GP pipe. it's a real ripper and once i break it in more I should hit high 40s ezpz

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