motobecane malossi varplus variator kit
motobecane malossi varplus variator kit




weight adjustable variator for motobecane mopeds of the av7 av10 variety. allows you to continue to use your clutch and all that other good stuff. enjoy
uses 14 x13 roller weights. and comes with three different weight roller sets.

more info here and here for you.

find replacement weights here!

get the reinforcement malossi varioblok here!

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3 of 5 Great Product, crappy weights May 29, 2018
taco eater : andrew scouten from Toledo, OH United States  
I like this thing, its super nice to be able to keep your stock starter, and it does work very well once dialed in. BUT the weights! These things ate themselves in like 100 miles, which let me tell you, sucks! They where down and get smaller, small enough to roll out of their guides, which then allows them to wedge the plate open to far, sticking and smacking the vario into the pulley, so in short watch them weights

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5 of 5 cheaper than er3, more tunable than stock May 1, 2018
taco eater : Shane Johnson from Minneapolis, MN United States  
So this is a cheaper option than the er2 or er3 by doppler. You will have to remove the large back nut on the variator with some considerable force most times. You do have to be careful with this colliding with your pulley. Fix this by spacing your motor out further and running a longer belt. (ax31 instead of ax30 for example). Changing the weights changes the way the motor variates aka changes gears, it has little effect on how your clutch grabs. To change that, you will have to look into deleting your starter shoes, and either add a one way bearing to your pulley, or add a pull start. You can also tune/shave the clutch pads to delay clutch engagement/increase your clutch stall.

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5 of 5 Keep your clutch and gain your bottom end! January 19, 2018
taco eater : Ashley Ackley from minneapolis, MN United States  
Yeah, It is a pain in the bum to assemble, but you should be in there and cleaning it all for new parts anyway!

Yeah, it is hard to change the weights, but once you find the sweet spot you are done!

The weights that come with it are meh. I threw the lightest ones in there and it still grabs quickly. I am still trying to find a source for even lighter ones for my 74cc kit.

This looks dead stock for you sleeper and stocker peeps!

Be VERY aware of your clearances! I straight up milled a groove in this guy by the big pulley getting too close. It now feels like a freaking two speed at full variation.

I personally like this better than the ER3. I am not constantly tuning and changing parts on my ride, and I prefer the stock look.

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1 of 5 didn't work on a stock variator November 16, 2017
taco eater : contra from Brooklyn, NY United States  
The depth of this doesn't seem to be enough on the stock variator for a 50V. The cheek doesn't protrude enough to touch the belt at an idle position, so you can't even get it started. The belt just slips all over the place because the gap between the cheek and the belt exists.

Tried a wider belt with teeth, still no dice. I compared the stock cheek and this one on a table side by side and there is a noticeable difference, with this one being shorter. Not sure how everyone else made this work, maybe I just got a defective part :(

edit treats : there are hundreds of these out there in the US in use, so I think you just need to put some more work into getting it setup correctly and you will be good to go. I haven't even seen a defective one of these so I would say that is highly unlikely. I would ask around on moped army for some tips on setting it up as no one else has had an issue and this product has been here selling and being reviewed for 10 years now!

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5 of 5 much much nicer take off December 6, 2015
taco eater : blackumi from Moreno Valley, CA United States  
This is probably one of the best upgrades ever for a daily rider/ripper. Highly tuneable, the included weights and castings arent bad at all.


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