peugeot MVT allumage PREMIUM black box CDI ignition - small taper
Peugeot allumage MVT PREMIUM CDI ignition



12v allumage MVT CDI ignition for all peugoet 103 mopeds +. Includes - stator, flywheel, CDI box, nuts/bolts, backing plate plus red ignition box. this is the real deal the sickest top of the line CDI there is, digital variable advance don't forget it. you cannot find better, without time travel and even then you'll need some rad connections. minuscule internal rotor that weighs like almost a negative amount. soooo sick.

this has the small taper for use with peugeot small taper cranks.

lights, yes! and comes with instructions in french with pictures, or click on the photo above to view the instructions in english wowowwo!

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I have run this cdi for 2 years August 10, 2012
taco eater : brian Warrington from los angeles, CA United States  
no problems here.  Set up one time and forget about it.  I believe you have the instructions wrong.  you dont line the marks up at TDC, you line marks up a BTDC Before Top Dead Center.

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Time will tell.. October 24, 2011
taco eater : seniorita from Ann Arbor, MI United States  
So I am updating my review from the one previously posted.  I am having trouble with this cdi, it idles but won't rev.  Timing is correct.  Timing light suggests the timing is erratic after a couple thousand rpm.  Spend your money on a different cdi!  For the cost of this item it should work perfecto.

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bangin if you get the right taper January 28, 2011
taco eater : seniorita from ant harbor  
So taper issues aside this cdi is hot.  

1.  easy as can be to time.  just line up the lines at top dead center and rip.  line.

2. wire colors actually match

3. revs like a mofo

4. bright ass 55W halogen lights WUT

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