PEUGEOT complete NON-VARIATED clutch assembly
PEUGEOT complete NON-VARIATED clutch assembly



stock peugeot NON-variated clutch/pulley assembly! these are found on on the older BB series like the BB104. This will most likely NOT fit your 102 or 103 non variated Peugeot models as there is a slight taper to the shaft. You may be able to use some parts for your 102 or 103 non variated needs, but not the complete assembly. You have been warned!!!

please note! these don't come assembled very tight, you should go over it and tighten down EVERYTHING, applying loctite where you so desire.

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4 of 5 Bye bye powder clutch February 28, 2021
taco eater : Brenden Black from Lancaster, PA United States  
Used this on a 57 peugeot BB to replace the original powder clutch that came with it. I had to reshape the tapered part that mounts on the crank so it would sit back about 20mm. Seems like peugeot made a lot of changes every few years at this time so it might just fit on your later year bb taper. The needle bearing needed replaced. Its a weird size so I used 2 15ID x 14wide INA bearings and it worked great.

All extra work aside i am super grateful to have this as an option. This is tuneable just like a 102 clutch and uses other standard pug clutch parts (star washer, balls, friction disc).

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