OKO 34mm carburetor with metal float bowl
OKO 34mm carburetor with metal float bowl



NOW EVEN LARGER THAN EVER BEFORE!!! like your normal pwk but on steroids. 34mm of carburation wowza

metal float bowl variety with forward facing cable thingy. the OKO is a fully tunable PWK style performance carburetor. they have three jets like a dellorto or mikuni. its a flat slide carburetor, but one side of the slide is actually rounded. 10 packs of main jets, idle jets and needles are available for your tuning pleasure. they are quite VERY large and extremely light. adjust your idle and mixture with the conveniently located screws.

race style screw on top! also includes two mini 90 deg drain hoses and one long pink drain tube for the bowl.

also this carburetor uses 60mm filters (actual diameter is closer to 62mm but a 60mm one will squeeze over it no problemo)

comes with a 152 main jet. additional jets available PWK main jets

comes with a 48 idle jet! additional jets available here

comes with a K2725 needle. we do not carry the needles at the moment! they are much longer than the 19-32mm oko needles

comes with a # 4 slide

a must have super high quality, great, great momentum

OKO - new yuppie fashion trend

40mm spigot mount OD

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