blk blk 26mm OKO ROUND slide carburetor
OKO 26mm carburetor



black 26mm OKO! excellent choice for all around performance. this is a round slide carburetor!! fully tunable carb to meet all and every need for your moped, scooter and little motorcycle. go ahead and try me out you wont be disappointed i guarantee it.

this carburetor comes fully equipped with an idle, main, starter jet and POWER JET!.. external idle screw and air mixture screw for flawless idling purposes..

also this carburetor uses any 48mm style air filter

get some main jets here!!

however, you can actually use dellorto main jets!!! it works!! funny but true. maybe you have a bunch of dellorto main jets already - score!

idle jets here

needles here

33mm spigot mount OD

a must have super high quality, great, great momentum

OKO - new yuppie fashion trend

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