OEM tomos lower engine scoop - YELLOW - no cutaway
OEM tomos lower cowling fairing - YELLOW - no cutaway


original OEM yellow plastic lower cowling fairing for various tomos mopeds!

this connects under the tank and around the cylinder fins!!

possibly use for other bikes too if you need some extra coolin or just for superiorly rad lookz

see how on the bottom right corner of the fairing there is NO u shaped cutaway? please make sure YOU DON'T need that before purchasing!

these are NOS OEM original deadstock tomos parts from the early 2000's. it is normal to see a few scratches and scuffs here and there on any fragile tomos plastic part, even when they come new from the factory!

tomos part number - 229314YEL

***these are too large to ship USPS, so if you add one of these to your cart, we default it to ground!!! dont select priority mail cause we will change it....the only exception is outside the united states, or if you really need usps we will need a special order extra payment, so email if this is the case***

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