OEM tomos right side cover/fairing for all A55 kickstart engines - MATTE BLACK
OEM tomos A55 right side engine cover/fairing - 242083


original tomos A55 right side engine cover/fairing for all A55 tomos kickstart mopeds. fits arrow, streetmate, revival, LX, ST and sprint...only if kickstart tho!

these come in chrome, shiny black and black. check the photo to be sure you want this color, i think thats just the black? but shiny black and black .. i don't know the difference. these come both with and without the sticker. magical!

these are original OEM parts that have been in the package since right after the y2k millennium, if any of you remember...how the world almost ended? well, all the plastics we have may might have a few scratches and marks on them from surviving the early days of the 2000's, but we implore you to grab some up as they are priced way below the original list price for fine quality OEM parts! cheers!

tomos part # 242083 or more specifically 242083BLK

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