NOS vespa ciao Aquila Seat - "Eagle Seat"
NOS vespa ciao Aquila Seat - "Eagle Seat"

alternate reality price $89.99


large off white and red buddy seat for your ciao!!!!! well, at least that what it says on the side, "ciao".

not sure how this will mount, may need to make a bracket. but hey, you are crafty and you will find a way.

besides this new old stock seat is nearly ready to be plopped right on! in fact it even says ciao on it! how cool!

yep its a winner!

may have some scratches on it from circling the globe, only to stop here, now, for you!

also, for you historiphiles: "Aquila is the Latin and Romance languages word for eagle. Specifically, it may refer to: Aquila (constellation), the astronomical constellation, the Eagle. Aquila (genus), a genus of birds including some eagles."

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