NOS puch maxi grey air box TUBE
NOS puch maxi grey air box TUBE


new old stock grey air box tube!!! ya know the one that everyone always pulls off and throws away? this is the one!! and they are fresh from 1979, enjoy!!

approx 82mm long
15mm ID

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By jove could it be? June 12, 2019
taco eater : Graham Motzing from Eau Claire, WI United States  
The single most undesireable moped part ever posted on treatland?  Why would you want this? An incredibly short and impractical snorkel?  A conduit cover for a short hunk of wire?  A stalk for a tenticle for some sort of cosplay outfit?  For the love of god don't install it for its intended purpose.  Ken Roff is gonna come in the night like a boogeyman and dremel all your stators if you do!

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