NOS semi nude vespa VARIATED transmission housing!!
NOS nude vespa VARIATED transmission housing!!



some rubble spilled down from the illustrious hidden vault of treasures, where nestled within the cavernous ruins - only lit by a thin strand of light peering in through a hole in the wall - emerged some precious new old stock vespa variated transmission housings!!

i would suggest a rebuild, so you are going to want the bearings and seals. but maybe it isn't necessary, the bearings seemed to hold up pretty well in that ancient cavern.

and if you need the cover, look no further.

grab a new brake pad since all the aftermarket ones are wider and provide more stopping power than the original ones.

use your old gears or get a new set:

malossi race gears
olympia 12.27:1
CIF 9.49:1

remember these are wrapped and new old stock, but may have a little crusters on there, get some brake clean and make them shine again!

also we should mention that these are semi nude and they dont have the brake lever or anything like that.

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