NOS Puch moped freewheel
NOS moped freewheel for PUCH mopeds


NOS PUCH freewheel for puch mopeds! this is from back in the day. Made by ATOM in france!!!!

this has french thread, the most common...duh.

very nice rounded edges and bearings, basically best the kind we have

these will fit a wide variety of mopeds and bicycles!

the oem puch size was 23t, so this one has 23 theeth.

made for normal 410 chain size (1/2" x 1/8")

so, a very useful guide is found here on the sheldon brown website!

here is also a key to tell you which freewheel you need, taken off the sheldon site. many mopeds came with different thread freewheels, so get some digital precise calipers out and check the OD of your hub thread!

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