NOS domino lever assembly LEFT dark grey Diamond
NOS domino lever assembly LEFT dark grey Diamond

shelfwear price $24.99

 :*sorry none today*


these are nos but they have been sitting on the shelf many years and have some wear, grime, tad of oxidation, etc...

this is the oem jawa left lever for some jawa models such as the supreme. hehe.

this is the dark grey domino left side lever assembly

one brake lever and that's it. it's all you need. has threaded hole for brake light switch. hehe so cool.

some of these even come with grips occasionally, if your lucky...

doesn't come with brake cable stops so get some HERE if ya like

the brake lever has a threaded section for an m6 adjuster like this, and the smaller lever doesnt use an adjuster so the cable just sits in the slot

they use these style buttons...

part number 441 04

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