NOS avanti 12v CDI 5-wire stator
NOS avanti 12v CDI 5-wire stator



it's been a lotta new old stock comin in to the kingdom in the last few weeks, but will any of them help you say your bike runs on NOS energy??

this is a stock 12v stator for avanti CDI set-ups!! 2 main coils, 2 accessory coils, 5 wires in colors such as pink, red, yellow, brown, and white! these coils will surge 40w of unadulterated power to yer bulbs if you can handle that!

all are contained by a handy 6" wire sheath, red white and brown all have bullet connectors already installed where as with pink and yellow come out a lil further so you can choose your own adventure so to speak...turn to pg. 69 to rip yer avanti x-bike pls!!

avanti part # 25 1 43 200

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