NOS CEV speedo holder for 60mm speedos - BLANK
NOS CEV speedo holder for 60mm speedos - WITH indicator light holes
alternate reality price $32.99


super rad nos cev single speedo holder!! great for custom builds, cafe racers, etc. could just magically bolt on top of your handlebar clamps? very sleek, very minimal

fits 60mm speedometers!! like puch VDO, derbi, tomos, peugeot, minarelli, etc. veglia....even puch tachs are 60mm!

use your old cev speedo, or get one of these or these.

these ones are totally un-drilled!! a blank canvas for you!

does not come with handlebar clamps!! you'll need to find some or make some outta some thin steel. no biggie.

remember measure your speedo's first. these are NOS so they might have a scratch or two so no complaints. Also no refunds, sorry.

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