NOS 16" grimeca 7 razze rear mag wheel - white
NOS 16" grimeca 7 razze rear mag wheel - white
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new old stock grimeca 7 razze REAR wheel! pretty sure these came on some super sick garellis, such as the vip, team and super sport lx ltd. but they would look good an any bike imho

needs to be retired!! as in, well, needs a tire applied whiteie youre still awesome

12mm axle, loose bearings, nuts, washers, plate, and pads! just need pinch bolt and adjuster and a bike!!!

also comes with a 1 to 69t tooth rear sprocket. we have a couple of these and they all have different size sprockets!! ignore the dished sprocket in the pic!!! the grease is old and dried out most likely so you'll wanna pull it apart and clean/re-grease it!

these are NEW OLD STOCK! that being said, they have been kickin around a warehouse somewhere across the world for 30+ years so there are lots of small scratches n scrapes in the paint.

no returns sorry!

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