NEW bing 15mm CLONE carburetor puch moped - version 1.5
NEW bing 15mm CLONE carburetor puch moped - version 1.5



new new version of the 15mm bing clone carburetor for all puch mopeds - replaces and upgrades the stock carb, fits perfectly on the intake you have, or you can upgrade to the 15mm bing intake.

comes with an 82 bing jet and a 2.17 atomizer! it also uses regular bing jets and atomizers and all that stuff too.

this is version 1.5 which means it's a lot nicer and more better!

this is definietly a hi quality CLONE! almost equal to the original. euros love these things so why don't you? embrace the new world of cheapness and generic products, hmm. it is a clone though, so be a little more gentle when tightening bolts n such down!

***pro TIP*** be sure to check the float height before jetting and installing the carburetor! they've travelled around the world to get here, and it's a bumpy ride. you'll want to verify that the float height is perfectly level and correctly set or else it will leak or fuel starve!

20mm air filter mounting diameter
20mm ID intake mount

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5 of 5 Best clone since Boba October 23, 2018
taco eater : Cam H from South Florida  
Great quality clone. No banjo piece which is an added bonus IMO. Save yourself hours airleak-induced headaches and pair it with the SUPER QUALITY intake which I think is called "#1 Grandpa" now and put an o-ring between the intake and the carb.  After that you should be able to douse it with carb cleaner and it will be unfazed. 82 jet was way too rich on my bike when I still had a 50cc cylinder.

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4 of 5 Clone me up scotty! February 14, 2018
taco eater : Andrew Johnson from Madison, IN United States  
Seems to be a pretty decent clone mine is almost identical to the oem carb that it replaced.

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5 of 5 Good Quality October 20, 2017
taco eater : Caden Frost from Charlotte, VT United States  
Good quality carb. Super simple design that works and will continue for years. also the jet that is included is way too big

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5 of 5 Its a carb October 5, 2017
taco eater : Jacob Andrew Dodge from Cromwell, CT United States  
Whisper sweet nothings into it and she'll blow forever. Thanks for the jet I'll never use.

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4 of 5 I was cautious at first... September 26, 2016
taco eater : Jim from Lincoln, NE  
...but after hearing many good things about the current version I tried it. It seems this batch is pretty damn close to the original. They are solid, built well and work exactly like you'd hope. I haven't had any problems yet and I'm not exactly delicate with carbs. The two I've ordered both had the normal round 2.17 atomizers and upper-60's jets. Score!

Edit: Just ran into a clone issue; fill button pops off while riding and kills the bike. Couldn't find it the last time it happened and had to use a stick to plug the hole long enough to get home. Genuine Bings have the bottom of the fill button crimped so they can't pop out. Clones use an e-clip...

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