MLM yamaha lb80 CHAPPY people's pipe
MLM yamaha lb80 CHAPPY people's pipe



super quality handmade people's pipe from motion left mopeds for yamaha LB80 chappy!!!! should fit lb50 too with minor modification. at last!!. lustrous black powder coat, exhaust flange special nut, and even comes with an installation tool!! probably something you have been waiting for?

The People's pipe offers the best power band for your pennies! Crazy good quality and a easily re-packable silencer makes this a pipe that will out last your ped. Top notch performance for 50-70cc

Perfect mounting
25mm ID header
1/4" mounting flange
18 gauge steel cones
Hand tig welded all around
7 gauge rear mount tab
The easy to remove silencer end cap is attached using two stainless Phillips head screws, no more drilling out rivets to quiet your ped!
High temp black powder coat
And....a good night's sleep knowing you bought the right pipe

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5 of 5 Awesome. December 16, 2019
taco eater : Availis from Lakewood, CO United States  
Love it, fits great, sounds incredible. It sticks out past my rear tire quite a bit so not gonna be taking her to 12 O'clock and scratching it up. Definitely getting more power, my 80 always did around 40mph, now it has NO problem getting to 45. Too cold and snowy right now to push it and see how fast it can go. Couldn't be happier.

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5 of 5 My Chappy is Happy! February 4, 2019
taco eater : Hunter Skiff from Boca Raton, FL United States  
Pipe quality is what you'd come to expect from MLM. Strong, beefy, well built, and perfect fit. Bolted right up to my 1977 Chappy LB80 with zero modifications. Of note, YOU WILL NEED the stock exhaust flange gasket. Without it the cylinder is an air leak party! Pipe sounds super throaty and really bassy at idle. Not much louder than stock. Pipe has very strong midrange punch. Starts pulling at around 25mph and then takes off! My Chappy bone stock topped out at 42mph. With just the pipe and an upjet the bike does 54mph and still has room for more if I had a longer stretch of road to test it on (dont have tag yet hehehe). Since there isn't much information online for this pipe, I filmed a stock pipe vs MLM pipe sound and ride comparison. I will link the video here once it's online!

Edit: here’s the video!

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5 of 5 Better Fit On 80 but great on both! January 30, 2017
taco eater : Detroit Moped Works from Detroit, MI United States  
We have installed this pipe on both the LB50 & LB80.  Paired with a VM20 and corresponding MLM intake and stock gearing; both bikes will wheelie if not careful.  This pipe is a direct fit onto the LB80.  On the LB50, you will need to slightly (few MM) lengthen the rear mount hole for the header to mate perfectly.  Additionally, you'll need to grind a bit of the rear mount off to wrap around the pedal shaft stuff. (You'll see when you get it).  It's a 5 minute fix and will allow tons of fun!  We'll report top GPS Speeds on both when it's warmer and they are final dialed in - but as of now we are very happy!

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