MLM yamaha QT50 next level STOCK pipe
MLM yamaha QT50 next level STOCK pipe



an insanely high quality "stock like" pipe for yamaha qt50 made in the usa by MLM!!! beautiful lusty black finish and black painted heat shield! so nice. this is a really cool upgrade for a stock bike or sleeper build as it is much higher flow than the stock pipe.

tired of all these "performance" chambers and just want to keep it simple?!? this is for you!!

Perfect mounting
24mm ID header
super thick mounting flange
heavy duty front mount tab
High temp black powder coat
very well made and appealing bolt-on heat shield, no more leg burns
And....a really really good night's sleep knowing you bought the right pipe

note this does not come with an exhaust gasket so pick one up here!

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5 of 5 Next Level goodness November 10, 2022
taco eater : Adam Rogers from versailles, KY United States  
have had this on my 80' QT50 with other mods, thicker base gasket opening exhaust flow up, Tm24 carb and matching intake manifold, carbon fiber reed in the reed valve, the molossi kit of course, and with this pipe I can put speedometer needle at the 6' o clock position. however fast that is. and it is faster than it should be by any means. great exhaust in my opinion. not much low end loss, and hella take off when it the exhaust kicks in proper like.

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5 of 5 lol stock pipe my ass. my qt loves this thing February 18, 2022
taco eater : Joseph Armijo from san diego, CA United States  
they put  "stock like"  pipe in quotations for a reason lol. this thing kicks ass. obviously a world above the actual stock qt50. sounds like a two stroke, kicks like a two stroke and smells like a two stroke. obviously i didnt just slap this pipe on and rip it, took some tuning but thats not to say this is the absolute best intermediate pipe for the qt50 thats available. It blasts my neighbors ears off but not anywhere comparable to an actual pipe.

not gonna lie, if i pull it hard enough i can sustain a wheelie now for a good period of time.

buy this. or dont. i dont care. im happy.

OOOO i forgot to mention you can remove your rear wheel now without removing the exhaust or removing the rear swingarm. HOW COOL IS  THAT?!?!?!!?

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5 of 5 Nice July 13, 2019
taco eater : Pavel  
- True-to-stock look, doesn't look tacky like other aftermarket pipes
- Surprisingly quiet, maybe a bit louder than the stock pipe but it won't annoy your neighbors
-  Much better flow than the stock for sure

So yeah definitely get this if you want a little speed boost

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3 of 5 Lost too much on top end November 27, 2018
taco eater : Yo from Fort Collins, CO United States  
Definitely quick off the line but compared to mlm people’s pipe I went from top speed 45 to 35.

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4 of 5 Non Restrictive.Made very well. November 14, 2018
taco eater : Anonymous Person from visalia, CA United States  
I put this on a Malossi QT with all the other usual mods  that originally made an honest 50 mph when equipped with a Jemco expansion chamber.I wanted more low end bark, less noise,and better rideability which the MLM delivered.You wont get a screaming top end  like with a Jemco or equivilant.Noise is considerably more than stock but not annoying.Surprised it worked so well with all of the mods I have.Can always remove and put the Jemco back on for higher performance days but for everyday cruising will  keep this on.

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