MLM universal 6204 and 6303 bearing puller
MLM universal 6204 and 6303 bearing puller



here's what ya get in this PARTYYY!:

MLM universal 6204 / 6303 bearing puller! that's right, with these, you can now pull 6204 n 6303 bearings off of all sorts of fun things...peugeot 103 (variator side), derbi piston port, pyramid reed and flat reed (variator side) derbi revolution start III and V (both sides), yamaha chappy (both sides) and honda mb5 (right side) !!

featuring removable puller halves and lock ring for hours of joyous pullin. just plop the puller over yer crank shaft, install the two circular halves with the thin lip on the underside of the bearing, pop the lock ring on and start pullin. just make sure to have the lock ring fully seated or else ya risk damage to the thin lip that contacts the bearing from the underside.

approximate usable depth = 80mm aka if yer shaft is longer than 80mm then it might not work!!

oo bb be sure to put a lil dab of grease on the center bolt threads for fun times!!

as always amazing fit and finish full constructed from tool steel yay!!...unfortunately there are some nicks and scratches on the puller body from shipping!

pulls 47mm OD bearings!

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5 of 5 Great May 5, 2022
taco eater : QuattroAudi from KENSINGTON, CT United States  
Great tool. Should have gotten it years ago.

Your gonna need a 30mm wrench to hold it while you crank down on the bolt.

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