MLM tomos black CROSSBAR
MLM tomos black CROSSBAR


 :*sorry none today*

bolt on frame stabilizer aka crossbar for your step through tomos moped!

great for people looking to stiffen up their ride for track use or just for a nice aesthetic upgrade for yer ped. plus you can always do fun things like mount a top tank or hang a tool pouch from it.

the clevis mount simply goes under one of the seat post bolts and the adjustable curved end is adjusted outwards to exert pressure on the head tube. amazing!

all steel construction
powdercoated glossy black!

adjustable yoke overall length = 130mm
adjustable yoke threaded adjustment = 70mm
end of bar (without adjustable yoke) to clevis mount bolt center = 457mm
clevis width = 48mm
clevis mount hole diameter = 10mm

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