MLM tomos A3/A35 SILENT NINJA pipe
MLM tomos A3/A35 SILENT NINJA pipe




a nice new stock pipe JUST KIDDING ACTUALLY this is the silent ninja pipe with a hidden expansion chamber in that big huge tube in the rear MUAHAHA!

confuse and annoy your friends as you brap on their slow bikes with your "stock" pipe and retain that dealership showroom floor look

basically the same as a peoples pipe chamber except all the magic is hidden within

everyone knows tomos is the best, give your bike the pipe it DESERVES

a55 has a different angle so if you have a55 go away!!!! now!! stop looking here! search tomos a55 pipe in that search bar up top for things for you! this one is for the older a3 and a35.


perfect mounting
25mm ID header
29mm OD on pipe flange (take note if using on stock cylinders)
1/4" mounting flange
18 gauge steel cones
hand tig welded all around
7 gauge rear mount tab
easy to replace packing with circlip in the rear!
high temp black powder coat

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