MLM puch maxi stainless steel DRIVE CHAIN GUARD - left side
MLM puch maxi stainless steel CHAIN GUARD



oh man, i remember thinking of this idea wayyyy back in the good ol days...ok it wasnt really that long ago, and then it kinda lingered for a while...AND NOW this incredibly high quality seriously sick chain guard for maxi / newport came out way better than ever can see your reflection in this baby, i mean, if you really want to reflect - OR DO YOU? and i must say, moped chains are violent at double the speed they were meant to go. protect yo self okay? get a chain guard. especially THIS one, cant believe its so nice........!!!!!!

basically made for when you ditch the plastic covers or dont have them, and you got tons of weird performance stuff goin on but still wanna cover that chain!

mounts to the front tab where your wires are usually grounded on the frame m5 threaded spot and then the bottom part mounts to your pipe mount. looks perf with stock is gearing. probably look fine with taller gearing too. keep in mind!


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5 of 5 CHROMETACULAR April 2, 2018
taco eater : Matt from Los Angeles, CA United States  
Typical MLM high quality.  Was expecting it to be raw metal but it is shiny AF.  So reflective I'm tempted to draw some lines out on it.  Thanks doods.

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