MLM puch maxi seat POST
MLM puch maxi seat POST


 :*sorry none today*

we have been needing this for so long!!!! SUPER sturdy steel top notch seat post for puch maxi, newport and more...fits the stock seat, the replacement maxi single seats we sell, and others!

30.2mm OD on the wider part that goes into the frame
22.4mm OD for the part that the seat clamps onto
295mm total length

almost looks like a grip would fit on the smaller end, like a police baton beat stick or something, you never know!! no dont do that seriously STOP THINKING!

now you can use your old post for installing bearings n head tube races n stuff, oh come on you know youve done it...HA!

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5 of 5 My gf says this one is better November 6, 2017
taco eater : Countryob from Princeton , MA United States  
My gf prefers this one over the stock one.

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