MLM puch maxi flat port people's sidebleed pipe
MLM puch maxi flat port people's sidebleed pipe



super quality handmade people's pipe from motion left mopeds for puch maxi mopeds with flat port cylinders! lustrous black powder coat, quiet side bleed silencer and perfecto mounting! probably something you have been waiting for?

The People's pipe offers the best power band for your pennies!  Crazy good quality and a easily re-packable silencer makes this a pipe that will out last your ped.  Top notch performance for 50-70cc

No pedal arm bending necessary, it clears the stock pedal arm perfecto!

Perfect mounting
25mm ID header
31.7mm OD on pipe flange (take note if using on stock cylinders)
1/4" mounting flange
18 gauge steel cones
Hand tig welded all around
7 gauge rear mount tab
The easy to remove silencer end cap is attached using two stainless Phillips head screws, no more drilling out rivets to quiet your ped!  
High temp black powder coat
And....a good night's sleep knowing you bought the right pipe

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Quite as hell May 29, 2014
taco eater : Allen Carlson from Feeding hills, MA United States  
I'm currently running this pipe on my magnum and I love it! It's super quite and doesn't get to hot and cools down pretty damn quick. No clearance issues at all,just make a bracket or buy the mlm bracket to bolt up and go.

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Nice little pipe. 4.5/5. March 27, 2014
taco eater : Mike from Fort Collins, CO United States  
I was looking for a good pipe to replace my Proma GP. I wanted to just spend the money and get a good pipe that I can use for a long time. This definitely seems like it. It has excellent all around performance. Awesome low end and my top end screams. It's also a bit quieter than the Proma, which my neighbors like. The pipe also looks really awesome on my bike. I love the flat black look and it's a relatively small pipe, so it almost just disappears into the bike.

The powder coating is good, but not great. After my first couple of rides, there is already some pitting on the coating on the header close to the cylinder.

This pipe is also a bit difficult to install if you have a Kstar version 1 and use studs and nuts to mount your exhaust. The header comes out of the flange at a slight angle, so its hard to get a ratchet up in there to tighten it down.

I had to dremel the sides of the flange just a tiny bit, maybe 1/16" off each side so I could get it to fit in my cylinder.

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