MLM puch maxi black CROSSBAR made by MLM!!
MLM puch maxi black CROSSBAR



frame brace for puch maxi with specially made notch up front so you can still easily access your gas cap!!! here at treatland solution group we are always finding new innovative ways to ease the tensions of everyday problems. stabilize your frame, hang things from it, or just update the look of your ped...keep it fresh baberz

rear bracket is made to fit on one of the seat post bolts. it will bolt to either one, so if your seat gets in the way, you might be able to just move it down to the lower bolt hole and be fine!!

other than that, has two nuts up front that you tighten together once you have it extended right where you want it and the stabilization begins!!!!!!

bar itself, without front clamp, is about 19"
front clamp is 7.5" with 3" of threading
diameter of brace is 1"
rear mounts are 0.75" apart and have an 8mm hole

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Perfect fit August 25, 2018
taco eater : Ivory Rat from Tacoma, WA United States  
Perfect fit for my 78 maxi frame, I bolted it to the lower seatpost bolt so I could bolt the MLM book rack to the top post bolt

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Looks good, installs easy July 10, 2017
taco eater : Jim [s2m] from Lincoln, NE  
No surprises here. Looks good, installs easy. I had to sand off the insides of the part that mounts to the seat post bolts as it was just a bit tight (likely due to powdercoating).

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