MLM puch maxi TOP TANK conversion brackets - targa
MLM puch maxi TOP TANK conversion brackets - targa


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no welding required!! add a top tank to your maxi in case yours is rusted out, you want more fuel capacity, or to just change the look without anything totally permanent...

comes with a front mount and a rear mount. front mount clamps around under the triple tree top yoke and please NOTE some top yokes have a little notch you might have to file down or grind off in case it gets in the way.

rear mount bolts to the seat post clamp bolts, and both come with hardware / rubber mounts!!!!

does NOT come with tank...soo......

you can use your own tomos targa tank, or check out all the targa tanks we have here!!

pictures above for example - but please do whatever you want with this. get creative and mount up different tank and seat combos. im sure all of you out there can come up with some sick bikes using this new technology...

front mount is made to mount around about a 37mm head tube, a little less or more is fine. its also specifically made to fit around the gas cap, so you can still unscrew the original one!!

maybe use the original maxi tank as a spare emergency fuel tank or something?? how rad is that!!!!!

front mount spacing for the tank slots are about 116mm apart. so slot under the tank has to be a little more than that.

has two durable rubber mounts that fit around the stamped ridge on the maxi tank, locking in the front of your tank secure and free from harsh vibration

the rear mount slides onto the seat post clamp and you can still use any seat you want. has a super large rubber mount to go between the bracket and tank, and a bolt to hold it in place.

well there ya go, like it or hate it, the option is here!!! i personally think it would look sick in all black, but who knows what crazy stuff youll make...

as always, thanks MLM!! made in the USA

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5 of 5 Thanks for restocking :) January 8, 2019
taco eater : Marcus from NJ, United States  
Helped me mount a fresh new tank to my old puch

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4 of 5 Looks Great, Needs a little modification January 14, 2018
taco eater : Jack B from Philly  
Overall, sick kit at a great price! Looks amazing, welds are strong, tank went on nice and straight. Over all great value and I would buy again.

Some small issues: the rear bracket was to tight to slide over the seat post bolt holes. I had to pound on the bracket to widen it a bit and then it went on fine. Second issue was the fact that the little nub on the upper fork brace rubbed on the front bracket when you turn. Again, not a huge issue. Quick 5 minute dremel job and everything was fine.

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5 of 5 Top tank swag July 11, 2017
taco eater : hellojed from Seattle, WA United States  
If you want a top tank moped but don't wanna drop $1500 for someone's ratty Magnum, this is your jam.

Solid construction and design. The frame's gas tank cap is still accessible. Pairs really well with the longer racer seat on the Maxi. Having the tank there really helps stabilize the bike and gives your legs something to grip onto.

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5 of 5 Dude April 2, 2017
taco eater : Paul R. from Aptos, CA United States  
Broh, this thing is cool. i went from crappy little maxi tank to crappy little targa tank. BUT now i can use BOTH!!!11!! #gas4dayz
But seriously, this thing is cool 10/10 i recommend it. makes you into a cool cafe dude or a gas hoarder either way. its cool. plz buy it.

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5 of 5 I'm not here to rate the bracket November 4, 2016
taco eater : Countryobtunning from Princeton , MA United States  
I didn't buy this bracket setup but definitely interested especially how u can remove the tank with a simple turn of a wrench. This is a good idea for kitted Maxis that just drain fuel or if your huge carb is above the reserve line. Just be careful when attaching the tank, tomos didn't make the metal very thick on the targa at the fastener so u can bend and snap the tank if over torqued, especially with a latex locking nut.

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