MLM puch maxi BLK DRIVE CHAIN GUARD - left side


 :*sorry none today*

watch out for them shoe laces!!!! dont get your girbaud's all caught up once you lose the plastic side covers you still wanna cover up the chain. well, now we got one made by MLM in the USA, in deep dark seductive blk

made for maxi but you could probably use on magnum too if you are a magnum kinda gurl or boy i guess

mounts to part of the exhaust mount and the m5 mount on the frame! so easy

different gearing might change the angle so BEWARE! made for stock ISH gearing but you could reposition the angle toooo

not much more to say! sorry!!!!! you will *probably get stickers with the order so thats good enough right?!?!?

*if we have them

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