MLM puch MAGNUM heavy-duty center stand - longer
MLM puch MAGNUM heavy-duty center stand - longer


puch magnum height center stand of the highest quality brought to you by motion left mopeds! i believe this is for za50 powered magnums specifically but will work on and magnum or sears freespirit

this new version is made of a more durable steel than the other center stands we currently have and features the extended left foot for easier reach when under your exhaust pipe!

just like the original but tougher and longer lasting

has all the usual features like spring bracket, center brace, and stopper brackets

this is the longer of the two magnum / freespirit stands we sell.

about 11.25" tall

works with a normal size magnum, newport, swinger, pinto, etc bikes that have the stock size shocks, front forks, and around stock size tires, a little bit wider should be ok

find the stand mount here! and you can get a spring here too!

made in the USA by the professionals at MLM, yep!!!!

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Extremely very tall July 17, 2019
taco eater : Chels from Seattle, WA United States  
I put this center stand on a ups mkii magnum and it is extremely the tallest! Also slightly narrower than the original so not max stability but definitely max at being tall. Bolted right on but it did need a different spring for it

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