MLM puch AJH VM18 clamp style intake + PHBG
MLM puch AJH VM18 clamp style intake + PHBG



MLM clamp style rear facing puch AJH intake for use with the mikuni vm 18mm carburetor honestly, i feel great! you should definitely buy this intake.

i think jack likes it as well. we all know that the ajh is a total ripper! like super fast. man. awesome

you're gonna like it on a puch, i guarantee it

clears maxi and magnum frames alike!!

18mm ID

oh this just in! this intake will also work with a dellorto PHBG clamp style carb with the 1.5mm shim and the spigot style!

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Totally Tits! June 24, 2017
taco eater : Alex; Detroit Moped Works from Detroit, MI United States  
AJH is our favorite Puch kit, and we love to run it with a Bing 15 & basic aluminum intake... but lots of our customers want big easy to tune VM18's or cool-guy black PHBG 21 race carbs - This wonderful intake allows for easy use of either of those carbs with our favorite kit.  Wow - Thanks Guys!

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