MLM puch 21mm intake for piston port kits
MLM puch 21mm intake for piston port kits



MLM 21mm spigot mount style piston port intake for puch! for use with dellorto PHBG spigot style carburetors!

you can use this on any puch piston port cylinder using two bolts - stock, treat 50cc, treat 70cc, athena, malossi, metrakit.. whatever!!

this intake shoots back and to the left

intake ID = 21.5mm
intake OD = 25mm
stud hole spacing 26mm at the narrowest point
stud hole spacing 44.60mm at the widest point

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taco eater : Michael Kuriger from Santa Clarita, CA United States  
This will not work with dellorto PHBG 21mm AS clamp style carburetor

It says the intake OD = 25mm, but it's definitely not and it's not even round.  Might work OK with a spigot style carb and a rubber hose to connect it.

edit treats : this is in no way meant to be used with a clamp style PHBG like the AS. only for use with spigot style carbs!!

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