MLM puch 15mm BING stock-like intake - short e50 version
MLM puch 15mm BING stock-like intake - short e50 version



motion left mopeds 15mm clamp style intake for use with the any piston port cylinder along with a 12, 14 or 15mm round bing carb! yes this will fit yer stock puch bing

this is an exact copy of the stock intake that comes on e50 motors. it's shorter than the za50 version so it will not clear the oil injection hump. if you have a za50 get the right intake here!

this intake also features a plastic 19.85mm OD shim that fits perfectly in the bing! truly a vast improvement over the stock metal on metal clamp action as it helps quell the never ending intake/carb junction leak that is ever so present in our society.

bolt holes are approximately 35mm center to center

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4 of 5 Perfect fit November 13, 2015
taco eater : Jim from Lincoln, NE  
Mounts like a dream and the shim is pretty rad. A little pricey but it's worth it. Stop screwing around with those cheapo intakes. Get this and get back to blasting.

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