MLM peoples pipe for puch magnum X "childrens" dirt bike
MLM peoples pipe for puch magnum X "childrens" dirt bike



motion left mopeds peoples pipe.. designed to fit on a puch magnum x kids dirt bike thing!!! perfecto upgrade with performance for the people!

this is for the STOCK angled port cylinder! also works with angle port big boy kits like metra 80, parmakit 80 and gilardoni.

The People's pipe offers the best power band for your pennies! Crazy good quality and a easily re-packable silencer makes this a pipe that will out last your ped. Top notch performance for 50-70cc

Perfect mounting
25mm ID header
1/4" mounting flange
18 gauge steel cones
Hand tig welded all around
heavy duty rear mount tab
The easy to remove silencer end cap with circlip for baffle packin!
High temp black powder coat
And....a good night's sleep knowing you bought the right pipe

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