MLM minarelli V1 people's pipe
MLM minarelli V1 people's pipe




super quality handmade people's pipe from motion left mopeds for minarelli V1.

***due to the fact that minarelli v1 engines came on like 100 different brands/models, there will be some mounting complications or some amount of fab/bracketry to get everything to mount up!***

lustrous black powder coat. probably something you have been waiting for?

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5 of 5 solid mounting system and good all around power August 15, 2021
taco eater : Tri-ped Dave from Woburn, MA United States  
Perfecto fit on V1 Pepi, and solid as a rock. Surprisingly good powerband for such a moderately sized chamber.

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5 of 5 Great pipe! July 16, 2018
taco eater : Richard Ferguuson from Limerick, ME United States  
It fit nice and sounds badass.  I've been searching for a more rugged pipe where the others have failed from breaking at the manifold.  My V1 has never ran better and great powerband.  I'll know where to get another.  I highly recommend this pipe, well worth it.

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3 of 5 Not as universal as I would have hoped February 26, 2015
taco eater : Vicente Fernandez from San Juan Capistrano, CA United States  
Well it does sound like a total bad ass, but it needs some work to mount properly to my testi cricket. It doesn't come out far enough so the swing arm blocks it and I have yet to do any blasting. The stock mounting bracket was also in the way and the weld on the flange keeps the mounting hardware from sitting flush against the flange. I'll update when I get things pointing in the right direction.

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5 of 5 Great sound. March 31, 2013
taco eater : David Mooney from Portland, OR United States  
So i'm running this with a polini and a vm20 and lemme say this shit rips. Rips like the hulk... nay rips like hulk hogan.  This pipe has good mids and great highs and with my set up i'm hitting 52gps with no porting at all so if you knew what yer doin unlike me you can make your v1 fly to the moon.

oh ya and it sounds better than almost all pipes out there. not tingy at all.

All hail the two stroke gods.

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