MLM honda urban express NU50 people's sidebleed pipe
MLM honda urban express NU50 people's sidebleed pipe



super quality handmade people's pipe from motion left mopeds for honda express NU50. lustrous black powder coat, quiet side bleed silencer and perfecto mounting! probably something you have been waiting for?

The People's pipe offers the best power band for your pennies!  Crazy good quality and a easily re-packable silencer makes this a pipe that will out last your ped.  Top notch performance for 50-70cc

Perfect mounting
25mm ID header
31.7mm OD on pipe flange (take note if using on stock cylinders)
1/4" mounting flange
18 gauge steel cones
Hand tig welded all around
7 gauge rear mount tab
The easy to remove silencer end cap is attached using two stainless Phillips head screws, no more drilling out rivets to quiet your ped!  
High temp black powder coat
And....a good night's sleep knowing you bought the right pipe

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. October 13, 2017
taco eater : Secret squirrel from Phoenix, AZ United States  

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Real good time September 26, 2017
taco eater : Michael Mills from worcester, MA United States  
Excellent midrange pipe. Noticeable low end power loss but that can be gained back with a tighter clutch.

This pipe/stock jetting/bx31 dayco belt/ no foam in the airbox/ pre mix + one treatland sticker


Without the fatter belt it revs out and four strokes at 28 mph. It takes two to tango right?

The construction of this pjpe is beautiful. The silencer is not pop riveted together instead its assembled with love. The baffle guts are held in by a ciclip so you can take it apart and repack it when it gets full of mud.

Old pipe comes off spacer for the bracket comes off. Then the pipe goes on. Then the spacer goes back on OVER the bracket on the new pipe instead of under like before. You can use the same bolt. I like that part a lot. No extra hardware necessary. The back fender bracket might need a place to go not sure i dont have a back fender.

Send it.

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Urban Riders Beware August 7, 2016
taco eater : johnny.k from Leavenworth, KS United States  
This pipe will change your life!

Went from stock to the MLM People's Pipe- Bam!  28 MPH to 35+  (update- 36.5mph) on a nearly stock 'ped. I'd tell you for sure if i could find a flat spot of road in this town.  A must for the discriminating urban rider.   And- the biggest difference is going up hills- i can do 20 where i would do 10 or less before- just be sure to hit it at 10mph or faster.  no- none- no power at 5 mph.

82 Urban Express Deluxe
Gy6 Clutch
3 stock variator weights

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it's a baby H95! June 22, 2015
taco eater : alex from Boston, MA United States  
It's a scaled down version of the H95 (which is mounted to my other Urban Express).

Build: NU50; Malossi kit (case match only), 1500rpm rear spring, 42g in stock var, VM20 (always run on the rich side), stock head (remilled myself), AX belt. Result: Accelerates really fast once variation starts (which is after 1 er 2 secs on 1/2 throttle); top speed unknown (to scared to go over 45 w/ old tires), but I'd assume this pipe has about another 5 - 10 mph before it starts falling out of the band. Really no noticeable low end loss; can start feeling the MLM difference at about 10 mph; hits super hard from 15 on up.

While it doesn't pull quite as hard as the H95, and the "blast-off" isn't as dramatic, it comes really really close, and looks/sounds awesome.

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You want this.... December 8, 2014
taco eater : Robert Lloyd from Buford, GA United States  
EXCELLENT pipe. First off, its sexy. Second, it bolted right on to my NX50 with NO problem. If your smart you can even fit the mount with literally no fabrication. Out of the box on my STOCK Express SR gave me great high end acceleration and 3 extra mph. on STOCK. hell yes.

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