MLM honda urban express NU50 H95 side bleed pipe
honda NU50 motion left H95 side bleed pipe



motion left mopeds H95 pipe for honda urban express NU50, insane power awaits with this new pipe from motion left. as always with motion left pipes we have here the usual amazing quality plus side bleed silencer, a very shimmeringly smooth powdercoat finish and perfect fit on the luxurious honda urban express NU50.. what more could you ask for?... oh and hold on tight!!!

**plz note, some hobbit cylinders put the exhaust port in a different location which will throw off the mounting on these. As of July 2018 we are working a new super universal mount. So, keep in mind when using cylinders that use a spacer like the wizard and athena that the rear mount will not line up perfectly since the spacer pushes the exhaust mount to a different location. This is also the case on malossi H2O kits. Stock, polini, & DR all mount fine as well as others.. we will update as we find out more**

Perfect mounting
25mm ID header
1/4" mounting flange
18 gauge steel cones
Hand tig welded all around
7 gauge rear mount tab
The easy to remove silencer end cap is attached using two stainless Phillips head screws, no more drilling out rivets to quiet your ped!
High temp black powder coat

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5 of 5 dont tell my wife October 1, 2018
taco eater : vb disco dot tv from Anacortes, WA United States  
i have two kids so i thought i shouldnt own anything nice.  i broke from that oppressed mindset and purchased the official millennial pink T shirt. i wear it on date nights and other special occasions to boost my confidence and self esteem. to get free shipping i threw in this exhaust for my nu50.  the construction is solid and the design is sick (in a good way). this could be the most impressive thing i own. the sound and smell my bike now emanates is similar to what i imagine of a chuck norris fart, only slightly less erotic. it took about 5 minutes install  and added about 3 mph to the top end. theres probably only a few thousand people in the world that can understand why i purchased this and maybe i'll meet one of them someday.  3 mph is 3 mph though!

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5 of 5 v1 goodness June 9, 2018
taco eater : Greg Gokee from Bay City, MI United States  
modify the flange and  ripp hard ...paired with a polini and 19 phbg . bike wants to wheelie when the pipe hits ....... they should make this for a v1 specifically  cause its awesomeness

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5 of 5 Worth the money it's awesome April 9, 2018
taco eater : Jason Rosenthal from Red oak, TX United States  
I put this on my 1982 and 83 expresses works great wouldn't have anything else.

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5 of 5 absolutly worth it November 23, 2014
taco eater : alex from Boston, MA United States  
sounds great & rips super hard. above ave low end, mid range w/ 39g in the var is insane - even with a bx - and the fun doesnt stop there; just keeps pulling well into the top. ive had this on w/ the malossi 70cc cast iron kit, and the aluminum parmakit; similar totally awesome effect on both. o yeah, this thing is solid beyond belief; appearance and powdercoat is top notch.

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