MLM honda hobbit reinforced aluminum subframe version 0.0 - dark GREY
MLM honda hobbit reinforced aluminum subframe version 0.0 - dark GREY

alternate reality price $199.99


here's what ya get in this PARTYYY!:

The result of many years of design and research, MLM presents their new all aluminum reinforced subframe for honda hobbit, optimized to reach the perfect balance of price, rigidity, & weight.

This version weighs only 5.25 lbs. & is constructed to be extremely durable, light, and structurally sound for the highest all around improvements a subframe can offer.

All aluminum construction, powder coated semi gloss black.

Compatible with stock center stand, pedal shaft, chain tensioner & ignition coil.

This stands as yet another addition to the long list of handcrafted artisan quality MLM products designed and produced in the USA.

Compatible with stock center stand, pedal shaft and chain tensioner. Stock ignition coil works in conjunction with this bracket!

note: if you are planning on running a proma circuit on this, you will need to bend the mounting tabs on the pipe out to accommodate for the thicker aluminum. as for now, we don't think it will work with the stock pipe without hackin n welding the brackets...but who's gonna burden such a beauty with a stock pipe cmon

DARK illusive grey

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light and stiff April 21, 2017
taco eater : kiisu d'salyss from Portland, OR United States  
Just how you like it.

Side panels don't fit on this, but you probably don't give a shit about that. Cornering is much better not having the subframe twisting away from your turn.  Build quality is excellent, finish is great.  If I build another hobbit project I'll get another.

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