MLM honda hobbit aluminum FLOOR PANEL set - WITH HOLES
MLM honda hobbit aluminum FLOOR PANEL set - WITH HOLES


qty: joshin? NOPE! these exist now, finally, in theeee land of treat! black aluminum floor panels / foot rests / whatever you call it made in the USA by motion left mopeds for your honda hobbit!!! not much more to say, its just, RAD. like what else???!

these have badass air vent holes ok actually probably for grip? who knows, it sure does look cool!!!

comes with hardware to mount em too!!

for pa50i and pa50ii honda hobbits

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5 of 5 Ohhh yessss they are so Holy June 3, 2021
taco eater : Hobbit Master Pike from Sarasota, FL United States  
being that I need to have one of the coolest Hobbits everrrrrr.. I bought these floor panels er whatever they're called. I also had a hidden agenda for the holes if ya know what I'm sayyin! uh huh! Thats right! They are perfect for mounting things to. Ask me how I know. Ok. So I installed an HPI cdi under one of them and a voltage regulator under the other! Looks righteous with the SS hardware! You know it does. You cant even see the components only the heads to the hardware. That could be because every decision I make about Hobbits has been sent to me from the moped gods personally. These floor panels obviously were on the list.

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