MLM freewheel remover - uncoated DISCOUNT dealz
MLM freewheel remover
alternate reality price $22.00

 :*sorry none today*

***RAW batch for cheap!!! these have a little surface rust on em but will work just fine!! uncoated!***

designed for removing puch freewheels!! may work for others that use the same brand freewheel...

this is meant to be used in conjunction with the axle. simply slide the tool over the axle until contact with the grooves on the freewheel is made, then tighten down the axle nut on freewheel side so that it holds the remover firmly in place. this will prevent the tool from slipping and damaging the "teeth" on either the tool or the freewheel.

335mm total length
10mm thick handle, 25mm wide
11.8mm ID hole on the other side

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