MLM clip-on handlebars - 30mm WHITE
MLM clip-on handlebars - 30mm WHITE
List Price: $74.99


**these have some light scratches from shipping, so we discounted em for you!!! most of the time the grip or control will cover the scratch anyway, so good deal for sure!!**

super high quality sleek gloss white clip-on bars made by motion left mopeds in the USA!! these are made for 30mm fork tubes, so they are a bit larger than MOST moped fork tubes and ebr tubes. however there are 30mm ebr tubes we have, and some bikes use that size to...sooooooo remember:

OD of your fork tubes has to be 30mm, ok bro?

here are some ebr fork tubes these bars will work on! just make sure it says 30mm

there is a slight drop to the bars, probably about 15 degrees of drop.

each bar itself is 235mm long or a little over 9" for you standard folks!

normal 7/8" diameter bar. just like your original bars, and every other moped bar im pretty sure

comes with two stainless steel clamp bolts on each bar to tighten the suckers down!!

as usual with motion left products, these are top notch, super durable and sturdy bars that will look super rad on your race bike or whatever you choose to put em on

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