MINARELLI V1 jammer clutch v0.0 - stub plane style
MINARELLI V1 jammer clutch v0.0



new minarelli v1 3 shoe clutch designed for jammin. cut with lasers from egyptian steel, springs sprung from the finest of springy spring steel, friction material sourced from the depths of the andes mountains. maybe.

STUB PLANE style clutch!! this will not work on taper crankshafts!!

comes with 2 sets of springs (1.6mm and 1.7mm). for real pro blasters you'll probably want the malossi springs!

we've found that motorex ATF works great as it's designed specifically for crazy high stall spin-out performance on KTM dirtbikes. royal purple is also a winner! but we're busy dudes currently working on jammer v12 so we encourage everyone to try different oils/fluids and report back with your findings. actually, you'll need to have a full report written from the tribologist if you decide to use something crazy.

NOTE !!! -- this clutch comes partially to fully disassembled since you are going to be changing the springs around anyway. you MUST use some thread locker on the countersunk m6 bolts once you've tested out the springs and figured out which set ya like best!

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