MALOSSI 20 x 35 x 7 seal SET of two
MALOSSI 20 x 35 x 7 seal SET of two



To meet the expectations of its demanding customers, Malossi is pleased to introduce its new line of engine oil seals for mopeds that fills a void in the market.

It is oil seals with special features, high quality racing, low friction and with almost unlimited life. The oil seals FKM PTFE most boast the finest materials and the most advanced technologies, as well as the quality of production that has always been the strength and pride of the Malossi.

technical specifications-
1) Oil seal's body primarily constructed of a special mix of synthetic rubber and fluoropolymer elastomers (FKM).
2) Support structure consists of a carbon steel armature, encapsulated with FKM.
3) Internal seal design consists of an auxiliary dust lip and primary sealing lip made of PTFE, a material with a low coefficient of friction and high wear resistance.
4) Stainless steel internal spring, designed to maintain constant pressure on the rotating shaft.

malossi crankshaft seal for puch ZA50 (clutch side), NA50 rear seal and yamaha chappy (left side seal)

20 x 35 x 7

you get TWO seals!

malossi part number 6618798B

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