JD RACING pièces d'exceptions mbk 51 + peugeot 103 engine spring
JD RACING pièces d'exceptions mbk 51 + peugeot 103 engine spring


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JD RACING pièces d'exceptions ressort moteur central - "spring central engine wide range" for MBK 51 / peugeot 103

made in france

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Tunable spring January 24, 2014
taco eater : Victor Pagan from Albany, NY United States  
These are JD's version of the vintage Bidalot springs for G1-3 bikes. These are not like your Doppler springs. This spring stock is a little bit stronger than a stock spring but not enough to keep your engine from goating so you'll want to run a launch lever.

You will need to make two brackets to fit this onto your engine and frame. Here are my brackets (the original vintage ones) http://desertfox34.skyrock.com/3187434775-Fabricated-Bidalot-Ressort-Mount.html.  
The silent block that goes in the bracket is 10X22X20mm. You'll need a Bolt that goes from 10mm shaft to 8mm threading or just make a 8mm silentblock. Here is what it looks like assembled http://desertfox34.skyrock.com/3188365193-Fabricated-Ressort.html

Once you have this mounted, it will be very stable. Use red loctite to prevent the bolts from coming out and do not tighten them too much on the silent blocs to prevent wear.

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