INA HFL3030 one way bearing for doppler clutch pulley
INA HFL3030 one way bearing for doppler clutch pulley


HFL3030 one way needle bearing for peugeot and motobecane doppler clutch pulley! this bearing is slightly longer than the original as well as way better quality! features magikal extra rows of rollers for increased rollin?

ID = 30mm OD = 37mm width = 30mm

made by NEU! (not the krautrock band NEU!)

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5 of 5 Absolutely necessary for Doppler clutch pulley March 30, 2018
taco eater : Jonathan Feldman from Portland, OR United States  
Some people say the stock one way bearing in the Doppler clutch pulley is okay.. I call BS. The stock one sounds like shit and is the reason why ( out of the box ) there is about ~3mm of clutch pad material sticking out from the clutch bell. It wears the clutch pads unevenly and nothing good happens.

This bitch is amazing quality and ALLOWS YOU TO SET THE DEPTH OF THE BEARING IN THE PULLEY SO YOU CAN GET THE ENTIRE CLUTCH PAD AREA INSIDE THE BELL. Fuck yes!!!!!!! I know that's a hair confusing but once you look at it with this ( long as fuck ) bearing... it'll make sense.

Jon out.

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