HPI mini rotor flywheel weight - 300 grams
HPI mini rotor flywheel weight - 300 grams



to make your mini rotor flywheel heavier cause it's too fast for ya... it happens?

for the hpi mini rotor only

it weighs 300 grams

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5 of 5 Its a weight July 19, 2022
taco eater : Jacob Fulton from Minneapolis, MN United States  
Its a weight. A boring but sometimes essential purchase depending on what motor you're putting it on! I put some blue loctite just to be safe - this thing coming off would be no joke!

Anyway, I threw this on my ZA50 alongside my new HPI because an HPI is what like 1/3 the weight of the stock flywheel? This weight serves to rebalance the weight a little bit on the ignition side of the crank and increase reliability AND as a benefit it also has a much more consistent idle - less chance of stalling and don't need to adjust the idle higher to compensate.

Performance wise, its still awesome. Revs up quick and very fast throttle response still. I didn't really notice a difference compared to my E50 with an HPI.

Stop reading and buy it!!

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5 of 5 v nice June 18, 2015
taco eater : Will caldwell from san francisco, CA United States  
yes the flywheel weight is rad. dumbs down the snappiness a bit, prolongs the life of your crank bearings and improves clutch stall without the use of crazy still springs.

basically if you plan on running an HPI on a daily driver or for long distance this is the best thing ever

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