HOBBIT ramp plate SPACER for droppin your belt - 1.50mm
HOBBIT ramp plate SPACER for droppin your belt - 1.50mmroppin your belt - 2mm


ramp plate spacer for real hackerish n tunery type guys. want your belt to ride lower in it's natural resting position? simply slip this spacer onto your clutch bell and install the variator and ramp plate per normal. as if it were under the influence of unnatural forces, the ramp plate will be spaced out 2mm, pushing the whole variator assembly out with it.

this is the HOBBIT specific size!! the ID is a little smaller than derbi!

these work EXCEPTIONALLY well with the TJT variator and TJT ramp plate on honda hobbit! this is because the tjt was not designed for hobbit and the overall length of the clutch bell "shaft" is slightly shorter than that of a derbi bell. what ends up happening is the belt is shoved higher in the resting position than on the stock hobbit variator, so ya lose some low end. this spacer fixes that!

spacers like these were sold in the old yasuni ramp plate sets, and i can tell ya, they provide unparalled performance.

1.50mm thickness

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