EBR hydraulic fork LEG set for tomos n more - 30mm
EBR hydraulic fork LEG set for tomos n more - 30mm



UPGRADE your tomos with these sweet 30mm EBR hydraulic DISC brake fork legs!! that's right, these will drop right in any tomos non-hydraulic 30mm diameter triple tree assembly and give you all the sweet hydraulic damping you've ever dreamed of.

these are a direct fit for streetmate, revival, racing TT, arrow and arrow r!! same length and caliper mount! just bolt em on and go! for sprint, they're a little longer than the stock legs, probably around 3 inches difference.

also used on all the early regular size Onyx, if your forks say EBR and are this length.. then you can upgrade with these hydraulic legs.

As always if you aren't sure these will fit... ask your questions BEFORE you buy so you aren't sad. you don't want to be sad do you?

27" from the top to the center of the axle hole

fork tube diameter is 30mm

for disk brakes!! not for drum!

forks do NOT come filled with fork oil, so make sure ya do that before you ride off. They use 120ml of oil per leg!

WARNING, these have gone on many long journeys and will probably have some minor scratches in the paint. If you can't deal with this... don't buy them.

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