EBR black hydraulic forks - 235mm head tube - 26mm x 1mm threading - LONG version
EBR black hydraulic forks - 235mm head tube - 26mm x 1mm threading - LONG version



ok these are EBR hydraulic forks you can use these on an number of different mopeds maybe but mostly they are for hackers and tuners.. moto duders, scooter duderz??? the important measurement is the head tube length. in this case 235mm. and the triple tree top plate thickness of 28mm. the other important thing is that these forks have the puch size 26mm head tube threading. so when you want to put them on other mopeds you need to have a some puch headset stuff. like the top thread on race found this set. and you will want a puch fork nut

**take measurements of you mopeds headset length before you buy. make sure you have enough room and that the head tube will be long enough or short enough. also remember to add the thickness of the triple tree top plate.**

this version features cast aluminum alloy (triple tree & legs) vs. pressed steel as found in the original ebr edition

mounting holes for disc brake caliper OR drum brake. use sealed or loose bearing axles of course.

for some reason the brake caliper mounting tabs on these are NOT offset!! keep this in mind!!

head tube threading = 26mm x 1mm puch size

235mm tall head tube with 60mm of thread.

triple tree top plate thickness = 28mm

the overall length of the fork tubes are 28.25in from the top of the tube to the center of the axle dropout.

the caliper mount is 60mm from eyelet to eyelet and also slightly off set - the top mount sticks out 5mm more than the bottom

fork tube diameter is 28mm so when you're picking clip ons make sure you get the right size!

looking for a PERFECTO 12mm sealed axle that slots nicely into the 11mm size drop outs?? This one fits amazingly. Just make sure you get 11mm axle nuts.

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